Let’s golf with your Apple Watch!

golfScoreCounterDotcom_Let’s golf with your Apple Watch! Golf Score Counter
golfScoreCounterDotcom_Let’s golf with your Apple Watch!

The Apple Watch is one of the most popular smart phones in watch form. The Apple Watch can be connected to the iPhone, which has a large share of the smartphone market, as well as to the iPad, a tablet device, and can be worn on the wrist without the hassle of taking it in and out. You may be wondering, what does the Apple Watch have to do with golf? In this article, we’ll introduce some useful apps for the Apple Watch that will help you with your golf game.

What really is Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is a smartwatch (wristwatch-type device) developed and marketed by Apple. It was developed to be “worn” on a part of the body, not “carried” like a smartphone. Since the first Apple Watch was launched in 2015, the design and functions have been improved up to the latest Apple Watch Series (Series 6), which boasts the largest market share among smartwatches, as of March 2021, according to the following article by statisca.com.

Global smartwatch market share by vendor 2021 | Statista
Apple held the largest share of the global smartwatch shipment market in the second quarter of 2021.

Types of Apple Watch

As of March 2021, there are four main types of Apple Watch in series 6, the latest Apple Watch models: regular, Edition, Nike+, Hermes, and brand collaboration. In addition to the regular and Edition models, there are also Nike+ models, Hermes models, and brand collaboration models. The four latest Apple Watch models are now available for purchase. Let’s take a look at the four latest Apple Watch models.

Apple Watch

This is the standard model of the Apple Watch. The display is made of strong sapphire glass, the case is made of stainless steel, and there are six different types of bands for the Apple Watch, including silicone rubber, leather, and stainless steel, each with many different designs. Since smartwatches are worn on the wrist, they are easily visible in our daily lives. You can change the band according to your mood and usage situation, which will help you refresh your mind.

Apple Watch Nike

The Apple Watch Nike is a sports-oriented model of the Apple Watch. The case is made of aluminum, which makes it lighter than stainless steel. The case is made of aluminum, which makes it lighter than stainless steel, so that you don’t have to worry about the weight of the watch on your wrist. You can choose from six colors of bands from the sports band and five colors from the sports loop. If you use it for golf, this sports type may be easier to play with.

Apple Watch HERMES

This is a collaboration model with the well-known luxury brand HERMES, which has been available since the first Apple Watch model and is the first brand that Apple Watch has collaborated with. It features elegant colors, a leather band, a choice of dials with “HERMES PARIS” inscriptions, and a special box. This band can also be replaced with a sports band, so if you are a Hermès fanatic, you may want to play golf with Hermès.

Apple Watch Edition

The Apple Watch Edition is the most expensive of the Apple Watch models, starting at $10,000, and is made of 18k gold. However, it was discontinued in 2016 when Apple switched from luxury to function, and the current Apple Watch Edition has been replaced by a titanium or ceramic case with a lower price. The current Apple Watch Edition has been replaced by a titanium or ceramic case with a lower price. If you are attracted to the subdued glow of titanium or ceramic rather than aluminum or stainless steel, we recommend you choose this case.

What you can do with Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is equipped with Apple’s proprietary “Watch OS,” which allows you to answer your iPhone’s incoming calls, reply to emails, and make electronic payments on the screen. The Apple Watch is worn on the wrist with a band, creating a state in which the watch is in constant contact with the skin, from which it can measure blood pressure and pulse in real time. The data can be transferred to a connected smartphone, and a daily life log can be automatically taken. Starting with the Series 6, you can use the Blood Oxygen Wellness App to measure the level of oxygen in your blood.

Speaking of the Apple Watch and golf, the golf score counter

Now, the golf score counter makes full use of the Apple Watch’s performance that I have introduced so far. Not only does it track your score, but it can also track your playing status using GPS. You can download it from the following link, so please try it out.


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