How to choose summer golf wear and look stylish in a polo shirt

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When playing golf outdoors during the hot summer months, it is necessary to take precautions against heat stroke and UV rays.

Polo shirts are the recommended attire for summer golf.

In this article, I’ll show you how to choose the best golf wear for summer golf, as well as why polo shirts are recommended in the summer and the different types of polo shirts.

What is the basic attire for summer golf?

Since golf is a sport for ladies and gentlemen, there are many manners regarding clothing.

When entering a golf course, men should wear a collared shirt, jacket, slacks, and leather shoes, but during the summer months, it may be acceptable to wear no jacket. Women should dress in semi-formal attire.

The basic dress code for golf attire during play includes collared shirts for both men and women, hems of tops tucked into bottoms, and socks that cover the ankles.

Avoid rough dress, such as wearing denim pants or shirts without collars. It is tempting to wear short bottoms and tank tops to protect yourself from the heat, but be careful not to wear clothes that are extremely revealing.

How to combine men’s golf wear

For men’s summer golf wear, it is important to be comfortable and clean so that you can move easily even when you sweat.

Choose golf wear that is sweat-absorbent, quick-drying, and breathable so that it dries quickly after you sweat.

Choose colors and materials that do not show sweat, so that sweat stains will not be noticeable and you can maintain a clean look. During the hot summer months, clothing with contact-cooling materials is also recommended.

It is also important to choose clothes made of stretchy materials so that you can swing easily.

A good men’s golf wear coordinate for summer is a polo shirt and half pants. If breathability and coolness are your priorities, choose half pants rather than long pants.

With half pants, you may worry about sunburn and insect bites on your legs, but I recommend applying insect repellent and sunscreen. Even for long pants, choose highly functional ones, such as those with sweat-absorbing and quick-drying properties, or those with UV protection.

When coordinating, you can combine light and dark colors in tops and bottoms for a refreshing look. We recommend combining black and white for a chic look, or dark blue, which is easy to combine with refreshing summer colors such as light blue and dark blue, or yellow and dark blue.

You can also combine other bright colors with white to complete a clean look. Also, coordinating pattern x pattern, such as checkered pants and striped tops, may seem difficult, but you can coordinate well by being creative with the size and color of the patterns you match.

How to combine golf wear for women

Since you will be outdoors the entire time you play, it is important to choose women’s summer golf wear that protects you from the heat and UV rays.

To protect against the heat, it is recommended to wear clothing that is breathable to release heat and made of contact-cooling material. In addition, sweat-absorbent, quick-drying clothes will keep you clean and comfortable even when you sweat.

To protect yourself from ultraviolet rays, choose clothing with UV protection.

Women’s golf wear comes in a wide variety of bottoms, such as skirts, pants (long or half), culottes, etc. In summer, skirts and half pants with good ventilation are recommended. However, golf wear that is too revealing, such as short bottoms, may be against etiquette on some golf courses.

With skirts and half pants, you may worry about sunburn on your legs, but it is a good idea to wear leggings with UV-cut function under your half pants or skirt. Some golf courses do not allow the wearing of leggings, so in that case, combine skirts or half pants with long socks and apply sunscreen to the exposed areas.

If you are concerned about sunburn on your legs, you can also choose long pants with UV protection.

Short-sleeved polo shirts are recommended as tops for summer golf wear. If you choose a long-sleeved shirt, it will protect you from UV rays, but you will not be able to take it off when you get hot. To make it easy to adjust according to the temperature, we recommend combining a short-sleeved polo shirt with long-sleeved innerwear underneath, or a short-sleeved polo shirt with a long-sleeved cardigan or blouson.

However, the layered style combining short-sleeved and long-sleeved inner wear may not be allowed on some golf courses, so check the rules of the golf course beforehand.

For colors, it is recommended to combine fresh summer colors with white or dark blue.

Polo shirts are highly recommended for summer golf wear

Polo shirts are recommended for summer golf wear, as they offer a summery design. Let’s take a look at the types of polo shirts, their merits, and points to consider when choosing one.

Types of polo shirts

First, let’s take a look at the different types of polo shirts.


This type of polo shirt has an uneven knitting pattern that allows for good breathability and lateral elasticity. Many general polo shirts use this type of knitting.

Interwoven deerstalker

Deerstalker knitting combines different materials, and when polyester fiber is used on the reverse side, it has high sweat absorption and quick-drying properties. Some of them have high sweat-absorbing and quick-drying properties. They are comfortable to the touch and can be worn lightly.

Jersey knitting

This type of knitting has high elasticity in the horizontal direction and is not uneven. This knitting method is used for general T-shirts, and is characterized by its lightness and comfort.

Polyester mesh

Made of 100% polyester, many types have excellent sweat absorption and quick-drying properties. The fabric is light, gentle to the touch, and comfortable to wear, making it one of the functional polo shirts recommended for summer golf.

Honeycomb mesh

The surface of the fabric has an uneven structure like a beehive, and some types have good breathability, and the fabric is relatively thick. The fabric is relatively thick. It is also comfortable to touch and wrinkle-resistant. The ones that absorb sweat and dry well are perfect for summer, when you tend to sweat a lot.

There are also many other types of polo shirts depending on the knitting method and material. When choosing a polo shirt to wear for summer golf, I recommend polyester mesh or honeycomb mesh, which are made of highly sweat-absorbent and quick-drying polyester materials.

Advantages of wearing a polo shirt

When entering a golf course, there are detailed dress etiquette rules, such as wearing a jacket for men. The rules vary slightly from golf course to golf course, but the basic etiquette is to wear a shirt with a collar both when entering and while playing. If you wear a polo shirt, you can wear it both at the entrance and during play, and there is little worry about violating etiquette.

For this reason, polo shirts are the most popular tops for golf wear.

Many polo shirts for golf, including polo shirts from popular golf wear brands, are functional and made for comfortable golfing even in summer. If you choose polo shirts that are designed to absorb sweat and dry quickly, cut UV rays, and provide ease of movement, you can play golf without worrying about sweat and sunburn even in the hot summer months.

Points to consider when choosing a polo shirt

When choosing a polo shirt, check the size and functionality. If you choose a polo shirt that is too small in size, your skin may show through and it may be difficult to move your body. In summer, you tend to sweat especially easily, so choose your size considering that you will wear innerwear under the polo shirt.

Choose a polo shirt with the functions you want, such as a sweat-absorbing and quick-drying polo shirt, a polo shirt made of contact-cooling material to relieve the heat, or a polo shirt made of stretch material for ease of movement.

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