Got tired of tracking your golf score on paper? Well, it’s time to make full use of your Apple Watch. Introducing Golf Score Counter, the best Apple Watch score tracking app.

It’s time to start tracking your golf score on Apple Watch.

Let your apple watch track. Focus on round!
Our golf score counter app can yard track as well.

It’s a hassle to write your golf score on your scorecard every time.
This is the time to manage your paper scorecard smartly with Apple Watch and iPhone.
Why don’t you start using the golf score counter that has won the top spot in the “Sports” category more than 300 times in total?

The voices of users are being collected one after another.


Very easy to use.

I’m very happy with the way it works. I am very satisfied with the implementation of the necessary functions for a golf counter. I highly recommend it.

lagavulin… 2020/07/19


Simple and easy to use

While I’m playing, every time I hit a shot, it counts, so there are no wrong scores, and I always know my total score, so I can stay on target! This app allows me to concentrate on playing.

shine 2020/11/03 15:10


Cannot use. ➡︎I can use it ➡︎I could use it.

I played a round of golf the other day and tried it out. The result was that it worked well enough. With other counting apps, I had to go back to the home screen after inputting the number of shots, which was troublesome to operate, but with this app, I was able to do the original counting without stress, and I am 100% satisfied. I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to count golf shots on their apple watch app.

Run Papa on 2019/06/12 12:51
4.4High Ratings!
Total 511 reviews(As of 2023/5/21)

We are constantly updating the functions in response to user feedback.

Features needed for perfect golf score tracking experience added / revised on each updates.
My app gets No.1 over 300 times at paid app daily ranking of Japan AppStore! Many users give me good reviews, over 500 reviews, and the average is 4.4 :->
Over 30,000 downloads! Thanks all users!

This app can track your golf score in real time! And also track your shot position!
Have you ever forgotten your score during golf play?
You can track your score on your Apple Watch very very easily!

* Track your putt *
Not only track score but also track putt count easily!
If you want to track putt, you can select `Also Track Putt` on AppleWatch. 

* Working with Healthcare app *
If you start recording, your golf playing activities will be tracked.
This app uses health care integration, so running foreground on your apple watch, this feature is very important if you want to record by apple watch.
When you finish golf playing, push finish button, the app can submit data to healthcare app.
Please confirm your iOS device record count and apple watch total count is same. If your apple watch last course score, 9 hole or 18 hole, is same on your iOS app score, app is already synced successfully!
Temporary stop playing feature can stop your healthcare app activity. It is useful when you ride on the mini cart.

* Track Location Feature *
Track Location feature provides recording position you shot and sends to iOS app. In iOS app, you can show satellite map & marker on record detail screen at real time.
This feature requires location permission on iOS app.
This feature make battery decreasing fast.
As of v20.0, we can use iOS GPS instead of WatchOS one. If you want to use iOS GPS, please follow the instruction.

* Use digital crown *
If you want to count up by digital crown, you can!
To use it, go to settings screen on apple watch before recording and turn on this feature.

* Track Gear/Penalty Feature *
As of v28.0, you can track your golf gear e.g. 1:1W, 2:3I, 3: PT, etc...
Moreover, you can track penalty as well 1:OB, 2:OB, 3:, 4:BK, etc...
This feature is quite advanced feature. It's little difficult to set.
1. On iOS app, set gears and penalties.
2. On WatchOS app, load gears and penalties.
3. Set `Use Gear` or `Use Penalty`. After that, you can track gear or penalty.

* Complication *
You can launch my app from your AppleWatch face by complication!
If you want to do so, open iOS watch settings app, dial gallery, choose your watch face, and select counter complication.
The supported complications are as follows.
- CircularSmall
- ExtraLarge
- GraphicCircular
- ModularSmall
- UtilitarianLarge
- UtilitarianSmall
- UtilitarianSmallFlat

* Edit GolfField, PAR, Memo, etc *
You can edit golf field name and PAR easily! You can also remain a memo.

* Photo Score Feature *
Are you ready for create a photo score with your great picture?
As of v24.0, we can create a photo score!
First of all, take a picture when you are in golf field.
Go to score detail screen, and tap edit menu on top right of the screen.
Select `Photo Score` and tap `Load photo` button.
Select a base photo from iPhone photo library, and then, the app combines your photo and total score and other informations.
Finally, you can download it to your photo library.

* Backup Feature *
You could save records data to cloud. So from now on, you don't have to worry about lost data.

* Target User *
We recommend to those who
 - want to track score on golf field by apple watch very simple
 - never use iPhone on golf field
 - use apple watch just watch

* Disclaimer *
This app requires Apple Watch for record score count.

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