Is there a correct site for the “muscle pain” that occurs after a round of golf or practice?

golfScoreCounterDotcom_Is there a correct site for the "muscle pain" that occurs after a round of golf or practice? Golf Score Counter
golfScoreCounterDotcom_Is there a correct site for the "muscle pain" that occurs after a round of golf or practice?

It’s not uncommon to have sore muscles the next day after hitting 150 balls in a round of golf.

If your swing is correct, what part of your body will experience muscle pain?In this article, I will introduce the correct areas of muscle pain for beginner golfers.

What are the correct areas of muscle pain for advanced golfers?

It can be said that the basic rule of the golf swing is to not put any effort into it.The more advanced a golfer is, the less muscle soreness he or she will experience even after hitting 100 balls after practicing at the driving range.You may look like you have a powerful swing, but your grip is soft and you are swinging without effort.This is because the more relaxed you are, the bigger your swing will be and the longer it will fly.I also don’t suffer from sore muscles because I don’t swing hard enough to cause muscle pain.If you do, it will be in the large muscles of your torso, abdominal muscles and back muscles.

What are the areas of muscle soreness for people who do not exercise regularly?

If you are not a regular exerciser, you should feel soreness in your back muscles after hitting the ball.If you get muscle pain in your arms or thighs, it is a sign that you are overworking that area.If you are a beginner in golf or have never exercised before, muscle pain is inevitable because you will be using muscles that you do not use in your daily life.However, if you swing too hard, it will only worsen the muscle soreness, so try to swing slowly and without effort.

Here are the ideal areas for muscle soreness!

The basic principle of the golf swing is to swing with no effort.So where is the source of the energy that makes the ball fly?It is in the central part of the body, such as the iliopsoas muscle.The muscles on the surface are the conductors for the energy.Therefore, the correct area for muscle soreness after hitting practice can be said to be the inner part of the body, around the abdomen.However, the inner muscles, such as the iliopsoas, are the least likely area to experience muscle pain, so you won’t actually feel muscle pain very often.If you have been told that your core is weak, train it through training or other means.

Don’t exert yourself on your upper body, but focus on your lower body.

Golf is not a game of strength alone.If you suffer from sore muscles after hitting the ball, it is because you are overusing your muscles.This is especially true for golf beginners, who tend to put too much effort into their upper body.However, the basic principle of the golf swing is to transmit power from the lower half of the body and not from the upper half.You may feel that swinging with a lot of force will increase your distance, but in reality, swinging with less force will increase your distance.As for tips on how to correct upper body exertion, I suggest hitting the ball at a slow tempo!

That way, only the correct muscle soreness areas will be stimulated and you won’t get muscle pain.

I hope you will give it a try, too.

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