What is the average score of an amateur golfer?

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golfScoreCounterDotcom_What is the average score of an amateur golfer?

It’s not all about the score, as everyone has their own way of enjoying golf.

There are those who play for company, those who participate to make new contacts and deepen friendships, and those who enjoy playing a round of golf with friends while making small talk.

However, there are many people who, when they find out their average score and compare it to their own score, find their competitive spirit surprisingly burning.

Even for amateur golfers, knowing your score average will help motivate you to play better and improve your technique.

How to achieve a score below 100?

The first thing you should aim for in order to get out of being a beginner golfer is to get your score under 100.

If you can achieve this level of score, you can proudly introduce yourself as a golfer with the phrase, “Special Skill: Golf.

However, there must be many people who don’t know where to start when trying to achieve this goal.

Of course, repeating practice is the most important thing, but this time I will introduce some points that are necessary to achieve a score below 100 as efficiently as possible.

Reduce OB as much as possible

OB stands for Out of Bounds, and refers to a ball that goes outside the playing area.

If you are inexperienced, it is very common to hit a ball with a driver to increase the distance and accidentally hit an OB.

If you hit OB, you will be penalized one stroke, and the more times you hit OB, the further away you will be from getting your score under 100….

If you are a beginner or have little experience in golf, you tend to swing the club as hard as you can to gain distance.

However, in the beginning, it is better to be conscious of dropping the ball to the target area as much as possible rather than trying to increase the distance.

No need for a good shot! Try to keep it within double bogey.

There is no need to force yourself to make birdie or par. Your goal is to score under 100. It’s a good idea to think backwards from your goal.

72 (par for 18 holes) + (double bogey (+2) x 18 holes) = 108

If you finish all 18 holes with a double bogey, your score will be 108, and if you make another 9 from here, you will achieve your goal of 100.

In other words, if you can finish half of the 18 holes with a bogey and the other half with a double bogey…

72 (par for 18 holes) + (bogey (+1) x 9 holes) + (double bogey (+2) x 9 holes) = 99

You have finally achieved 100! By calculating backwards from your target score, you can see the minimum line you need to cross.

In order to get under 100, try to keep your score within double bogeys.

Keep it within two putts on every hole

On a golf scorecard, there is a box to enter the number of putts next to where you enter your score. However, most beginner golfers are probably too busy counting their scores to begin with.

Putt count is the most important factor in improving your score! There are many people who say that the number of putts you putt affects your score.

It is said that the average golfer with an average score within 90-100 putts within 2 putts. If you are a golfer with an average score of 100 or higher, your average putt count will be 2 or more.

You can see that the better your average score, the fewer putts you will have to putt.

If you don’t have time to go to the range, you can practice putting at home.

For busy people, mastering the putter may be the shortest way to get under 100…!

Play with people who have already made it under 100

Not only in sports, but also in work and study, it is very important to belong to a group of people who are at a higher level than you are in order to improve your motivation and performance.

By playing with people who are more skilled than you, you can learn techniques from them.

Also, since golf is said to be a sport that is easily affected by the mental aspect, playing in a group with a high level of skill will strengthen your mental aspect and give you the courage to play at the critical moment.

If there are people around you who have achieved a score of less than 100, by all means, I recommend that you practice and play a round together.


Today, I introduced the average golf score and the points that you should keep in mind to score under 100.

Knowing your average score will help you understand the difference between your score and the score you have, and it will also motivate you.

However, as I have said many times, golf is not all about the score.

The best thing to do is to stick to the style of play that you enjoy the most. Especially if you are a beginner, think of your score as a bonus and just enjoy the game of golf.

Golf is difficult, but it can be fun…

It’s not too late to start thinking about your score after you start to feel that way.

Having an apple watch Golf Score Counter will definitely help you… any time!


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